APMEX Showcase: 1787 Fugio Cents

1787 Fugio Cents

This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the 1787 Fugio Cent MS-63 PCGS, this time offering a variety of options. Read that full article here.

Benjamin Franklin is certainly a well-known name throughout the United States, from bifocals and the lightning rod to helping found our very nation. But this week's APMEX Showcase featured something fewer people associate with Franklin – the first official one-cent piece of United States currency.

The particular example we highlighted in our previous article is a truly exceptional example of a coin that is more than 230 years old. However, its price point may not be ideal for all buyers. Here we will introduce some different options that allow a wider range of collectors to own these small pieces of American history.

A similar example at a different grade point is this 1787 Fugio Cent VG-08 NGC. While novice collectors may believe a grade of 8 (on the 70-point Sheldon Grading Scale) may seem unimpressive, the fact that NGC has graded only 48 coins at the level is quite interesting indeed. This "lower-grade" item allows a wider range of buyers the chance to own a graded 1787 Fugio Cent – if they can find them!

Moving a couple steps down the Sheldon Grading Scale, you will find another PCGS issue in this 1787 Fugio Cent No Cinq G-04 example. Only 3 coins exist from PCGS at this grade and, despite being one of the lowest official grades, there are just 66 graded higher! This coin would be a great addition to any collection for its low grading numbers alone.

If having a graded coin isn’t your top priority but you still are curious about this historic design, take a look at this 1787 Fugio Cent New Haven Restrike in Very Fine condition. The story goes that the New Haven restrikes were crafted by a 14-year-old boy who found original Fugio Cent dies at the site where the Fugio Cents were reportedly struck. The restrikes are identifiable by the "narrow rings" on the chain on the reverse and help add a bit of history to a collection of Americana.

No matter your price point, we believe any buyer should be able to add pieces of history to their collection. Why not shop the first-ever U.S. cent? APMEX has many options available so take your pick and get your friends talking the next time they see your collection! Be sure to check back next week for the next APMEX Showcase.

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