APMEX Showcase: 1921 Mexican Gold 50 Pesos

1921 Mexican Gold 50 Pesos

This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the 1921 Mexican Gold 50 Pesos MS-65 PCGS, this time offering a variety of options. Read that full article here.

In 1921, after enduring the decade-long Mexican Civil War, the Mexican government created a beautiful new piece of coinage to celebrate their newfound patriotism. The selected artist designed a coin that truly honored the Mexican spirit and combined the country's recent struggles with the Mexican War of Independence from 1821.

Many people are likely familiar with the Gold Centenario, or the Gold 50 Pesos coin, but perhaps you were unaware of the depth of its history. The design, which features imagery that is representative of Mexican people and their culture, was replicated on the Gold and Silver Libertads, but these large 50 Pesos Gold coins are still extremely valued by collectors.

In this week's APMEX Showcase, we highlighted the second-highest grade currently in existence from PCGS, but what about those looking for something more affordable? With the largest Precious Metals inventory, APMEX has numerous options available for purchase now.

Just one step down on the Sheldon Grading Scale from our previous example is this MS-64+ coin, also from PCGS. This Gold 50 Pesos actually has a lower population, but at barely one grade lower, it is actually far more affordable. Who knew it would work out like that?

If you are looking for something from a different grading service, check out this Gold 50 Pesos MS-63 NGC. The larger population (140 coins at the time of publication) and lower grade means this coin could easily be added to any collection. On the 70-point Sheldon Grading Scale, an MS-63 is still extremely high, so pick this coin up while we have it in stock.

Perhaps graded coins aren't a necessity for your collection and you just admire the design. Take a look at our Brilliant Uncirculated Gold 50 Pesos coins, which are among the select few that have survived without seeing any circulation wear. These coins will please any investor and thrill any collector!

No matter your price point, we believe any buyer should be able to add pieces of history to their collection. Why not shop an iconic design? APMEX has many options available so take your pick, whether you prefer graded or raw coins! Be sure to check back next week for the next APMEX Showcase.

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