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APMEX Showcase: Kingdom of France Gold Ecu'Or

Gold Ecu'or Francois

This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the Kingdom of France Gold Ecu'Or François I MS-63 NGC, this time offering similar, affordable options. Read that full article here.

If you read this week's APMEX Showcase, you learned about Francis I, who encouraged cultural change throughout France in a variety of areas, including art, religion, exploration and even the French language itself.

One other area Francis, also known as François I, desired French domination was in contemporary currency. He sought to make the French écu the standard of European coinage, surpassing the British guinea and Spanish maravedis. Of course, he succeeded, but did you know the écu had been used throughout France for more than 225 years prior to Francis' birth?

While we highlighted a top-dollar French écu, we offer many varieties with something for any budget. For example, this Gold Ecu d'or Charles VII (1422-61) MS-64 NGC is also the highest known grade, similar to our previous Showcase piece, but the slightly higher population means this coin is more affordable.

Just a few grades down, at MS-61 NGC, is another Charles VII French écu example. Being at a lower grade provides an even greater discount despite still having an extremely small population of just 8 coins in existence.

Looking for something even more affordable? We have another François I écu, this time at an MS-61 NGC. The population of 9 coins is still very low but being more common than the earlier Charles VII examples allows this coin to be available at a lower price point.

Whether you are a beginning collector or an advanced numismatist, you should not shy away from a product just because of its high cost. There are almost always affordable options that will fill in your collection while you build up to those extremely rare finds!

Check back with us each week to learn more about our deep inventory and see what we discuss next in our APMEX Showcase.

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