APMEX Showcase: Lincoln Currency

Lincoln Currency at APMEX

This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the 1923 $5 Silver Certificate Lincoln Porthole, this time offering similar, affordable options. Read that full article here.

Earlier this week, we introduced you to the Lincoln Porthole note that unintentionally took on an offensive design. While there was initially much controversy around the Silver Certificate, those issues eventually subsided and the note became highly collectible.

The collectibility of these $5 Silver Certificates likely has to do with both the low numbers as well as the overall popularity of Abraham Lincoln. The latter reason explain his presence on numerous other pieces of currency, including the Lincoln Cent, which was adopted in 1909 and, with slight design modifications, has been in production ever since.

If you are interested in one of these controversial yet beautiful Lincoln Porthole notes, but don't quite have the budget for the high-grade example we showcased, take a look at this VF-30 PMG example instead. This is a mid-grade Lincoln Porthole that would go great in any currency collection.

In our Showcase article, we mentioned the U.S. government releasing fractional currency to assist with lower-cost purchases, including some notes bearing the likeness of President Lincoln. You might want to consider this 50 Cent Lincoln CU-63 PMG that is currently priced under $750.

Are you looking for something a little more iconic and perhaps even familiar? Abraham Lincoln has appeared on currency for well over 100 years, but most people probably recognize the $5 bill. Similarly, with some beautiful twists, is this 1934-D Silver Certificate AU Star Note.

The Lincoln Porthole Silver Certificate featured in our Showcase article was a beautiful example but, of course, carries a steep price tag. As the largest online Precious Metals dealer, APMEX carries a variety of similar currency pieces that can fit any budget.

No matter what type of Lincoln Currency piece you are looking for, we have something to offer. Take a look at our selection, and be sure to check back next week for the next APMEX Showcase.

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