APMEX Showcase: Mexican Silver 8 Reales

Mexican Silver 8 Reales at APMEX

This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the 1805 Mexican 8 Reales MS-63 NGC, this time offering a variety of options. Read that full article here.

We hope the APMEX Showcase article this week taught you some interesting history and how Spanish coins had an effect on Mexican – and American – coinage.

In that post, we mentioned a chopmarked coin. Perhaps you are one of the many people who have no idea what this meant. Well, don't worry, we can help with that. Take a look at this 1802 Mexico Silver 8 Reales that features chopmarks from China.

While a "chopmark" may sound harmful to the coin, all it means is that the coin was stamped by a merchant in order to verify the weight and Silver content. This was widely practiced in Asia with U.S. trade dollars. Of course, it clearly occurred on Mexican Silver coins, too.

Perhaps that detail of the coin is not necessarily important to you. Consider the Mexico Silver 8 Reales Portrait & Pillars coin, with a different reverse from the typical example. These classic coins are considered a workhorse, due to their widespread use across Spain, its colonies and the entire world.

Maybe you are looking for an affordable example of the classic Silver 8 Reales. This Average Circulated coin, produced more than 195 years ago, is currently available at under $100. This is an easy addition to any collection.

From Heavily Circulated to Almost Uncirculated, or even certified Mint State examples, we carry a wide variety of Mexican 8 Reales to suit any buyer. Keep an eye out for our next APMEX Showcase or start shopping today!

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