APMEX Showcase: Roman Emperor Phillip I

Coins from the Ancient Roman Empire

This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the Roman Double Denarius of Philip I, this time offering a variety of options. Read that full article here.

Around the world, people are fascinated by ancient Rome, which contributed to modern language, religion, technology, law, government, warfare, architecture and engineering. However, unless you are an experienced coin collector, you may not know much about their ancient coinage.

At APMEX, we offer a wide selection of ancient Roman coins from both the Roman Republic and from the Roman Empire. This week the APMEX Showcase focused on one coin in particular, from around 244 AD. Hopefully you learned a little something, whether it was an introduction to Philip I or first hearing about the Secular Games, also known as the Saecular Games.

The coin we highlighted was one that, even today, is in exceptional condition. Think of your favorite coin produced today and imagine what it might look like in the year 3794. That is a comparable time frame – and is very strange to think about!

Since we have the largest online Precious Metals selection, it makes sense that we have more than just this one example. If you are looking for a coin in a similar condition, check out this other Double Denarius NGC MS, featuring a lovely lion design.

In a similar vein, but at a slightly worse condition based on the Sheldon Grading Scale, is a Double Denarius NGC AU. This features the same stag design from our example in the last Showcase piece, but at a lower grade, this coin is considered more affordable.

Perhaps you are looking for a unique option but not necessarily interested in Silver. We also carry an interesting Bronze Sestertius, also from Philip I and produced for the Secular Games, graded by NGC.

No matter what type of coin you are looking for, we believe any buyer should be able to add pieces of history to their collection. APMEX has many options of ancient Roman coins available so take your pick and get your friends talking the next time they see your collection! Be sure to check back next week for the next APMEX Showcase.

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