APMEX Showcase: Roman Empire Emperor Nero

Emperor Nero Gold Coins

This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the Roman Empire Gold Aureus Emperor Nero Ch VF NGC, this time offering similar, affordable options. Read that full article here.

As you may have learned in this week's APMEX Showcase, Emperor Nero lived a truly extravagant lifestyle during his 13-year reign and was resented by much of the Roman Empire in his time. In fact, his excesses are easily summarized by the most common image people have of him: playing the fiddle as Rome burns.

While this is likely historically inaccurate (mostly because he would have been playing a lyre rather than a fiddle), Nero's legacy is undeniable. For a time, many Romans refused Gold Aureus coins that featured his bust due to their dislike of him and his policies. But now, these coins are popular with collectors around the world because, while he may have been unpopular in his own time, he is one of the most famous Roman Emperors.

The Gold coin featured in our Showcase article was a beautiful example but, of course, carries a steep price tag. As the largest online Precious Metals dealer, APMEX carries a variety of other Nero coins that can fit any budget.

If you still want a Gold Aureus Nero, we offer two examples, both graded Fine by NGC featuring different reverse images but both showcasing Emperor Nero.

If Gold is slightly out of your budget, you can pick up this much more affordable sestertius, which is a smaller Roman coin. This coin also comes from the reign of Nero but can be added to a collection for a fraction of the price of a quality Gold coin.

No matter what type of Emperor Nero coin you are looking for, APMEX has something to offer. Take a look at our selection, and be sure to check back next week for the next APMEX Showcase.

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