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This is a follow-up article to our showcase of the 2019 Silver Kookaburra, this time offering a variety of options. Read that full article here.

This week, we highlighted the newest release in The Perth Mint's longest-running coin program. The annual design changes of the Silver Kookaburra Series give collectors and investors alike numerous reasons for buying these beauties every year.

Did you know The Perth Mint makes several versions of Kookaburra coins? In 2012, the mint released their first Silver Kookaburra featuring a Chinese Lunar Calendar privy mark, which is a small distinguishing mark applied to bullion coins to make a unique collectible. For 2019, the Silver Kookaburra received a pig privy, as this is the lunar Year of the Pig. The mintage cap of 50,000 coins makes this bullion Silver coin ideal for any collection.

In case you love the 2019 Silver Kookaburra design but want a slightly more unique look, check out the high relief version. With a slightly smaller diameter but more than twice the thickness, this impressive Silver coin shows the kookaburra in exceptional detail. This .9999 fine Silver coin has a mintage of just 5,000 so be sure to buy it while you can.

As you probably learned in our Showcase article, the first Silver Kookaburra coin was produced in 1990. Just 300,000 of these coins were made, meaning they are often difficult to find on the market. With a beautiful design, as is now standard for the series, and .999 fine Silver content, the 1990 Silver Kookaburra would be a lovely addition to any collection.

Explore the full line of Silver Kookaburra coins we have available from The Perth Mint and see why they have been continually produced for nearly 30 years.

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