APMEXclusive® Release Combines Two Popular Series

2018 1 oz Silver Koala with Dog Privy

In 2017, The Perth Mint began issuing Silver Koala coins with a lunar privy mark, combining two of their popular series and following in the footsteps of Kookaburra Lunar Privy releases. The second issue, the 2018 1 oz Silver Koala with Dog Privy is the latest in the continuing series.

These APMEXclusive® .999 fine Silver coins feature the image also displayed on the 2018 Silver Koala: A koala climbing along the branch of a eucalyptus tree. However, a small dog privy mark is included, adding even greater collectible appeal to the yearly changing design of the Koala Series.

Privy marks are small distinguishing marks applied to bullion coins to create a unique coin often in high demand. The privy mark on these coins may change each year for additional collectibility. Many series around the world have utilized privy marks in the past, including the Silver Maple Leafs, Silver Somalian Elephants and Gold Britannias.

This 2018 1 oz Silver Koala with Dog Privy will have a limited worldwide mintage of just 25,000 coins, which is extremely low when compared to many Silver bullion releases from around the world. Shop this new release now, exclusively at APMEX!

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