Celebrate in Color: 2019 Perth Lunar Year of the Pig

2019 Perth Mint Colorized Silver Year of the Pig

The final Colorized Silver release of the Perth Mint's Lunar Series II shows incredible detail with beautiful contrasts as The Perth Mint celebrates the Year of the Pig, available now at APMEX.

In 2008, The Perth Mint introduced its Lunar Series II program as a reboot to the highly successful Lunar Series I that launched in 1995. Along with the 2019 Silver bullion coins, the 2019 Colorized Silver coins depict a pink pig with black spots and four small piglets with similar spotted coloring. This beautiful lunar design also incorporates the Chinese character for “Pig” and the inscription “Year of the Pig”.

Lunar Series coins are highly collected because of the yearly changing designs and limited mintages, which add collectibility on top of the metal content. Each 2019 Perth Mint Lunar coin contains .9999 fine Silver.

The Australian Lunar series showcases the 12 animals that play a part in China’s ancient lunar calendar. The entire series is available at APMEX and include the loyal dog, brave tiger, gentle rabbit, and intelligent dragon, as well as eight other animals.

The Perth Mint is known for producing some of the most beautiful bullion products on the market including this most recent addition to the Lunar Series. We offer these 2019 Year of the Pig coins in a variety of sizes to complete your collection of The Perth Mint’s Lunar Series II.

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