Celebrate Lunar History in Gold and Silver

Moon Landing and Space-Themed Products

"One small step for man…one giant leap for mankind." Nearly everyone is familiar with these infamous words, spoken July 20, 1969. They solidified not only America's dominance in the Space Race of the mid-20th century but signified a historic moment for the entire world. Humans had successfully landed on the surface of the moon. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of that iconic day with an exciting selection of Gold and Silver products at APMEX.

The United States Mint released special products featuring iconic imagery from the Apollo 11 moon landing. These domed coins depict Neil Armstrong, the U.S. flag, and the lunar module on the lunar surface, as seen reflected in Buzz Aldrin's helmet. The reverse focuses on the first lunar footprint. The Gold and Silver coins are both available in Proof or BU finishes, allowing you to expand your lunar collection however best suits you.

Mints around the world also celebrate this epic anniversary. Both major mints from Australia created their own memorable coins. The Perth Mint chose to create a unique depiction of the Lunar Module Eagle behind a large footprint, while the Royal Australian Mint took a highly creative approach, using nickel plating to give the effect of darkness with a colorized Earth as the bright focus.

Whether you are looking for classic images in Gold or exceptionally unique Silver coins, we offer a wide variety of lunar-themed coins to suit any collection. Shop these lunar products today to celebrate one of the United States’ most famous anniversaries!

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