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Cinco de Mayo Products

At APMEX, we enjoy being able to celebrate numerous holidays that happen throughout the year. Right now we are honoring our neighbors to the South just in time for Cinco de Mayo by featuring beautiful products with something for everyone.

In 1862, in the beginning months of the Second French intervention in Mexico, the Mexican Army secured a victory at the Battle of Puebla on May 5 that provided a significant morale boost and helped slow the French advance toward Mexico City.

While Cinco de Mayo is now more commonly celebrated in the United States than in Mexico, used here to celebrate Mexican-American culture, there are military parades and battle reenactments in Mexico that commemorate the 1862 battle. The city of Puebla also holds an arts festival and a festival of local cuisine.

At APMEX, we celebrate this important victory by showcasing numerous products both from Banco de México and with Mexican themes. Perhaps the most popular products shown here are the Mexican Libertads, produced in Gold since 1981 and in Silver since 1982.

The Mexican Libertad features a number of images that hold significance to the people of Mexico. The reverse of each coin displays the Winged Victory statue, considered the symbol of Mexico City, in front of the volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, which memorialize the legend of the two lovers. The obverse features the Mexican National Shield.

One important part of Mexican culture is the Mesoamerican history, which includes the iconic Mesoamerican pyramids. In fact, the largest pyramid in the world by volume is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, located in Puebla. We offer an exceptional 5 oz Silver 3D Aztec Pyramid that mimics these mammoth structures.

No matter what type of product you are looking for, APMEX carries something that will be ideal for any collection and can help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year and in the future.

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