Celebrating a Week of Sharks – Sink Your Teeth Into This

perth mint Silver shark series

It’s that time of year again. The time where we all sit in front of the television and learn about nature’s most fascinating creatures – the shark. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s Discovery Channel’s week of sharks, and it has come early this year. Experience the most visually intense week of television, starting June 26.

This annual event began on the Discovery Channel in 1988 as a conservation effort to correct misconceptions about sharks. The first shows to air were Caged in Fear, Predators or Prey and Sharks of a Different Color. Today, there are more than 50 Shark Week original shows. Shark Week is now broadcast in more than 72 countries and is available to watch online.

Sharks are a captivating animal, with not much known about their habits. Scientists continue to study them to learn more about these creatures. Some of the more popular sharks include the tiger shark, the hammerhead shark and, most famously, the great white shark. There are more than 370 species known to scientists, but there could be hundreds more. Shop our Perth Mint Silver Shark coins, as well as other shark coins from around the world, to add to your collection. Plus, keep checking back to our Facebook and Twitter for shark trivia and questions as we continue to celebrate a week of sharks!

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