Citadel Verified Allows for Storage of Products Not Bought at APMEX

Published on 03/12/2018 by APMEX

Citadel Verified Provides Secure Storage

Since 2012, APMEX has provided customers with a high-security Precious Metals storage solution managed by Brink's, one of the world’s leading security companies. Any APMEX order can be shipped to Citadel – at no extra cost – for fully insured, totally segregated storage.

What you may not know is that even if you did not purchase from APMEX, you can still take advantage of all that Citadel has to offer through the Citadel Verified program. We want all investors and collectors to have peace of mind that their products are safe and secure, so we have made it easy to store your products with Citadel, no matter what. Citadel Verified is an easy, three step process.

First, fill out our prior purchase form. Here you will detail what products you have and in what amounts. Aren’t sure about something? Give us a call so we can help. Once you have filled out the form, email it to us and a Citadel Representative will reach out to you for confirmation.

Second, securely package and ship your products to APMEX. All products you send us will go through the same rigorous authentication process as products we sell. This begins with our Receiving department, who use highly accurate and non-invasive technologies to confirm the metal type and content, and extends to our Numismatic team, who examine each product and even packaging.

Third, simply track your assets held in Citadel right from your free account. After that, all the usual Citadel benefits apply. The market value of your assets is updated daily, so you always know exactly how much you have in storage.

Take advantage of Citadel Verified today and start storing your Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium with two industry leaders – APMEX and Brink’s.

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