Commemorate History with Coins from The Royal Mint

Royal Mint Commemorative Coins

Considered the world’s leading export mint, the British Royal Mint is renowned worldwide for the quality and beauty found in its products. Naturally, the extensive range of commemorative coins they produce each year adhere to their high standards.

At APMEX, we are proud to carry products from The Royal Mint that will help add beauty to any collection while also commemorating nearly anything you can think of. What exactly can you find in our Royal Mint Commemorative selection?

History buffs are sure to appreciate the numerous World War I commemoratives, including this exceptional Silver coin honoring the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the war on November 11, 1918. With a mintage of 2,500 coins, there are not many opportunities to add this piece to your collection!

Perhaps you or someone you know loves literature. Take a look at this Proof Silver coin celebrating the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein, the now-iconic novel written by British author Mary Shelley. Or shop this adorable Peter Rabbit coin, featuring the iconic Beatrix Potter illustration from The Tale of Peter Rabbit, a beloved children's story.

For lovers of British history, why not honor the iconic Queen Victoria as The Royal Mint celebrates the 200th anniversary of her birth in 2019. As the second-longest ruling British monarch (behind Queen Elizabeth II), Queen Victoria ruled during a time of great industrial, cultural, scientific, political and military change in the United Kingdom. This Gold coin features a cog motif as a unique interpretation of the portrait used on coinage during Victoria's reign.

Shop these, and so many more, lovely commemorative coins from The Royal Mint now at APMEX to add a touch of class, and a bit of history, to your collection.

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