Commemorate Life in Silver

Special Occasion Gift Ideas

Most people have heard of presenting Precious Metal gifts for major milestones such as college graduation or a couple’s Golden Anniversary. The gift of a Gold item shows taste and thought on those momentous occasions. However, even an enthusiastic Precious Metals collector or investor may not be aware of the delightful Silver Special Occasion bars and rounds APMEX offers to commemorate life’s small, sweet moments that too often pass with just a card or kind word. Consider a gift of Silver; these lovely and often colorful Silver rounds and bars are an enjoyable way to mark your family’s special occasions.

All of the moments one might wish to commemorate with a gift of Precious Metal are represented in APMEX’s beautiful Special Occasion collection. There is a great selection of fun and stylish colorized rounds to mark celebrations of graduations and birthdays. Additionally, there are many Silver rounds to distinguish those occasions you may not have considered as being the perfect moment for a gift of Precious Metals. Among our large selection, we have patriotic rounds perfect for presenting to a newly-enlisted service member to help express your pride in them. We offer darling Tooth Fairy commemorative rounds that will last far longer and are a much sweeter memory than a regular dollar bill under a child’s pillow. Whether you want to say “Thank You” or “I Love You,” there is a Special Occasion round perfect for expressing your thoughts.

Fast approaching is the second Sunday in May, when many celebrate Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is generally marked by flowers, small personal gifts or a special meal at a restaurant. Imagine instead presenting the special mom in your life with flowers in the form of a pretty colorized Silver Happy Mother’s Day round. In a special presentation box, this is a gift that will last a lifetime and recall sweet memories of togetherness forever. APMEX offers several Mother’s Day items to choose from, with something for any mom’s taste. For example, if you wish to buy for a woman with simple, discerning taste, you may opt for a special Silver bar bearing a tender verse on motherhood. This bar has an almost Victorian aesthetic, expressing old-fashioned sentiments of appreciation for motherhood. Consider celebrating Mother’s Day with flowers that will never fade or a poem which will never brown with age. Any mother is sure to appreciate and love the gift of Precious Metal for years to come.

Celebrate all of life’s moments, whether significant or private, with a Silver round from APMEX’s Special Occasion collection. Long after a greeting card is discarded and flowers have wilted, Silver rounds will remain to delight their owner with happy memories of their special day.

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