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MintDirect Products Only From APMEX

At APMEX, we pride ourselves on our expansive selection of products, which we are able to carry thanks to the close relationship we have with mints around the world. These relationships also mean we are able to offer our own exclusive line of MintDirect® products.

MintDirect® is an exclusive process that ensures you receive coins in the same condition that we received them from the mint-sealed boxes. We created two types of products under this line, with MintDirect® Tubes and MintDirect® Singles available in Gold, Silver or Platinum.

All MintDirect® Tubes are sealed in tamper-evident packaging, guaranteeing the tube has never been opened and the coins inside remain untouched. MintDirect® Singles feature single coins taken directly from the tube and placed in a protective polymer casing with authentication card to safeguard the condition and authenticity of each coin, direct from mint-sealed boxes.

As you browse the MintDirect® options, you may see products marked as MintDirect® Premier, which is the elite designation for MintDirect® products. "Premier" denotes coins received by APMEX within the first 30 days of release from the mint, assuring the strike quality of the coins is among the best of the year. There are a limited number of MintDirect® Premier products each year.

 From Silver Eagles and Gold Maple Leafs to more worldly coins, including those from Great Britain, Australia or China, anyone can find the perfect MintDirect® product for their collection.

Please note the MintDirect® process does not guarantee protection from spotting or tarnishing that normally occurs in chemically active metals, such as Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Shop the entire selection of MintDirect® and MintDirect® Premier products, available only at APMEX.

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