East India Gold and Silver Trade Dollars Have Arrived

East Indian British Trade Dollars

These 2018 Gold and Silver East India British Trade Dollars are the newest release from Niue and St. Helena and pay tribute to the original trade dollar design of the British East Indian Company (EIC) introduced in 1895.

The obverse design is based off the early 20th century Silver Trade Dollars. The center shows a helmeted Britannia surrounded by “The East India Company Trade Dollars”. The outer edge of the design shows a traditional Chinese scroll pattern, much like the original coins of the late 19th and early 20th century.

The EIC began as a small London enterprise and eventually became a powerful commercial and political organization that helped shape modern history in the Persian Gulf. These merchants were granted a royal charter to monopolize English trade in all of Asia and the Pacific. Tea, textiles and porcelain were the main goods traded through the EIC while it began to rise.

It became necessary to produce a special dollar for trading in the British Colony when the price of Silver rose rapidly in value between 1875 and 1895. The Silver price disturbed trading and resulted in a very serious shortage of minted dollars. To overcome the threat of a currency famine, The Royal Prerogative of the English sovereign gave approval in 1894 for the minting of a special British Dollar for general use in Far Eastern Trade.

You can shop all three new releases, including the 1 oz Silver BU, 1 oz Proof Silver and 1 oz Proof Gold coins. Grab a piece of modern history today!

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