Explore the 2019 Swan Series in Full Detail

2019 Perth Mint Swan Series

The Perth Mint's iconic Swan Series was first released in 2017. The initial 1 oz Silver Swan coin sold out worldwide in less than two days. In 2018, the mint produced the first 5 oz High Relief Silver Swan, elevating the elegant series to new heights.

For their third release, the mint has continued creating innovative designs by releasing the first Proof Gold Swan of the series. Not only that, but this is also the first High Relief Gold Swan! At nearly twice as wide – and almost four times as thick – as the 1 oz Gold Swan coins, this high relief Gold coin brings the unique 2019 design to life in even larger detail.

While the first Swan Series release displayed a single elegant swan, the second issue featured a swan and a cygnet. Building the series out even further, the 2019 Swans feature a swan, a cygnet and a second adult swan in the background. Swans are known for their propensity for mating for life, and these Silver and Gold coins depicting a swan family are perfect for the series.

APMEX worked with The Perth Mint on the Swan Series, putting their creative minds together to offer the market a unique series that brings the mint’s iconic logo to life. Shop the full series today at APMEX, whether you need to start your collection with the 2017 Swan coins or are expanding your collection with the beautiful 2019 Swans.

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