Find an English Legend from The Royal Mint

2019 Royal Mint Silver Valiant

Around the world, Silver bullion coins are often produced with historic designs that are important to the country they come from. One perfect example of this is the tale of St. George and the Dragon – beautifully depicted on these new 1 oz Silver coins from The Royal Mint.

In 2018, The Royal Mint introduced a 10 oz Silver Valiant coin displaying a detailed image of one of England's most famous legends. This year, they released both a 10 oz Silver coin along with the typical 1 oz Silver version, providing more options for investors or collectors looking to add an icon to their Silver stack.

There are many variations of the legend, but all include St. George coming across a town tormented by a dragon after taking the princess as his prisoner. St. George brandished his sword and slew him, freeing both the princess and the town. This famous legend serves as an allegory for courage, valor and victory.

The 2019 Silver Valiant coins feature an exciting scene of St. George on horseback, rearing above the dragon. The obverse of both releases displays the familiar effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the guilloché that is becoming commonplace on coins from The Royal Mint.

Whether you are interested in the 1 oz Silver coin or the highly detailed 10 oz Silver coin, APMEX offers both sizes for all collectors. Shop the new Royal Mint Silver Valiant coins now and bring a piece of British history home.

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