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2019 Perth Mint Emu Coins at APMEX

No matter where you live, you are likely familiar with the large, flightless emu. As an important cultural icon of Australia, it is only natural for The Perth Mint to create a beautiful bullion series in its honor.

Introduced in 2018, the limited mintage Emu Series has been available in Gold, Silver and Proof Silver. The new design for 2019 adds even more beauty to the series, featuring two emus in the Australian wilderness among foliage, grass, rocks and trees.

The emu is the largest bird in Australia and the second-largest living bird, but after the ostrich. While emus cannot fly, they can reach speeds up to 31 mph. These large birds were first reported in Australia in 1696, though they have a prominent place in Australian Aboriginal mythology, including the story of the sun being created by throwing an emu egg into the sky.

In modern-day Australia, the emu is considered the national bird and appears on the Coat of Arms, along with the red kangaroo. After appearing on numerous coins and postage stamps, it seems only right for this clearly beloved bird to receive its own Silver and Gold Series.

At APMEX, you will find each of these beautiful 1 oz Emu coins, whether you are looking for the elegant 1 oz Silver coin or the exquisite 1 oz Gold coin. Each example has a limited mintage, with 30,000 Silver coins being produced and just 3,000 and 5,000 of the Proof Silver and Gold coins in existence, respectively.

Pre-order your 2019 Perth Mint Emu coins now before these limited numbers run out. They make the perfect addition to any coin collection!

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