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Mythical-Themed Coins at APMEX

From dragons and unicorns to Norse gods and Poseidon, mythical creatures are known around the world and passed down through generations. What better way to celebrate these magical beings than spectacular Gold, Silver or Platinum coins?

Since ancient times, stories have been told of the mighty dragon, with different interpretations existing in different countries. Chinese dragons are perhaps the most iconic, utilized by many mints, including the timeless Perth Mint. Paying tribute to their long history, the Royal Mint has created several coins featuring the Welsh dragon.

Pegasus, the magical winged horse of Greek mythology, is believed to have first been mentioned around 750 B.C.  and has been featured in stories, plays, works of art and movies ever since. Take a look at this 2 oz Silver Pegasus Frosted coin, displaying a beautiful depiction of Pegasus in a unique frosted finish as a continuation of the Pobjoy Mint's popular Pegasus Series.

Keeping in line with the popular topic of Greek mythology, you may want to check out the incredibly unique 2019 Cameroon 3 oz Silver Medusa Ultra High Relief coins. Showcasing the familiar face of Medusa with her famous hair of snakes flowing around her, the antiqued coin includes two diamonds as her eyes. An incredibly low mintage of just 250 coins makes this ideal for any collection.

Perhaps you are interested in something a bit more eerie? The second release in the Crystal Skull Series features a large metallic blue crystal skull superimposed on a blood moon. An abandoned pirate ship completes this spooky design, which also includes specialized coloring to add to the overall effect.

No matter what type of mythology you are interested in, we are sure to have something for you. Take a look at our mythical-themed coins to pick up your favorite today!

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