First 2017 coin of the Biblical Series is Announced

The Baptism of Jesus 2 Ounce Silver Coin

The Baptism of Jesus coin is the 13th overall release in the Biblical Series from Scottsdale Mint and is now available at APMEX.

Scottsdale Mint is known for its compelling series and the Biblical Series is no different. Each release depicts a story from the Bible, with both the Old Testament and the New Testament represented. The first release of 2017 represents the baptism of Jesus.

The story of the baptism of Jesus tells how He travels from Galilee to the Jordan River to be baptized by John, as depicted in Matthew 3:16-17. After Jesus asks to be baptized, John says it is he who should be baptized by Jesus, not the other way around. Jesus insists and John then agrees. As soon as Jesus was baptized, he rose out of the water and the heavens opened. He saw the spirit of God descend like a dove, and then a voice from heaven stated, “This is my Son whom I love. With him I am well pleased.”

This story is depicted in Gustave Doré‘s artwork, “The Baptism of Jesus”. The French artist is known for painting biblical stories and other historical events in the romanticism style. The Scottsdale Mint Biblical Series depicts his artwork on all the coins released completed with an antique finish to make the details stand out on each coin.

“Each coin in this series continues to astonish us in its design and artwork,“ APMEX VP of Merchandising Andrew Martineau said. “Scottsdale Mint’s ability to recreate Gustave Doré’s artwork is incredible and we continue to see interest in this series from our customers.”

As with each Biblical Series release, this coin contains 2 oz of .999 fine Silver with antique finish. Each coin is laser engraved with a unique serial number, as well as a matching COA which features the story of The Baptism of Jesus and Gustave Doré’s artwork. You can find this coin, as well as the rest of the Scottsdale Mint Biblical Series, available by visiting

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