First-Ever Bullion Series from Czech Mint Honors History

2017 Niue Silver & Gold Czech Lions

This brand new series from the Czech Republic is known as the Czech Nationhood. The Czech nationhood has many historical symbols and artifacts. The current design is the last work of art created by the late world famous designer Jaroslav Bejvl.

The inaugural 2017 release in the Gold and Silver bullion Czech Lion coins features a regal two-tailed Czech lion. The heraldic beast guards the elaborate Crown of Saint Wenceslas and the shield bearing the national patron's emblem, the burning eagle.

Issued by the Island of Niue for the Czech Republic , this exciting new series offers small mintages of 10,000 1 oz Silver coins and just 500 1/25 oz Gold coins, and much lower for the additional sizes, which adds to the desirability. Other motifs will be used in the future adding another aspect of collectibility.

The future looks bright for this series as it is an affordable way to get started in adding Gold and Silver bullion to your investment portfolio. Shop the entire series, now available at APMEX.

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