Gold and Silver Britannias Get a New Look

Gold and Silver Oriental

A new feature has been added to The Royal Mint’s traditional Gold and Silver Britannia coins. In 2018, special releases will feature an ornate oriental border around the figure of Britannia. This design element, recognizable as the face of the British Trade Dollar (1895-1935), is a trusted symbol to investors in the Far East.

The addition of the Oriental border around the periphery caused the weight, fineness and metal type to be moved to the background of the coin. The back of the coin has an anti-counterfeiting feature of radial lines around Britannia, used on all Gold and Silver Britannias since 2015. The front of the coin now features a guilloché (geometric) background replacing the now-familiar matte dimpled finish.

The regular bullion coins and the Oriental border issues of the Silver and Gold Britannias are available for 2018 giving investors and collectors another option to help diversify their portfolio.

This new release is the perfect way to build, or even start, an exceptional Precious Metals collection. Shop all 2018 Gold and Silver Britannias with Oriental Border now available to pre-order at APMEX.

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