Gold and Silver Czech Lions Return to APMEX

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The next releases are here from the Czech Mint! The 2018 Gold and Silver Czech Lions are now available to order. As the second bullion release from the Czech Mint, these coins have gained popularity for their intricate and attractive design.

In 2017, the Czech Mint introduced their first-ever bullion coin, showcasing the famous Czech lion. Following up on the vast success, the mint is bringing back this beloved design on Silver coins from 1 oz to 1 kilo and Gold coins from 1/25 oz up to 1 kilo. The 1 oz Silver Czech Lion, in addition to having a limited mintage of just 20,000 coins, is also a U.S. APMEXclusive®.

The Czech Mint is a traditional Czech manufacturer for coins as well as other commemorative items. For more than 20 years the Czech Mint has produced coins for the Czech state in both Jablonec and Nisou. The Czech Mint has established a long tradition of minting coins in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia. They are first and foremost the exclusive producer of circulation and commemorative coins for the needs of the Czech Republic’s national bank.

As the latest release, the 2018 Gold and Silver Czech Lions bear the same design as the previous year. The reverse features an image of the two-tailed Czech lion, which is also on the Coat of Arms for the Czech Republic. The lion is shown guarding the Crown of Saint Wenceslas and the shield bearing the national patron’s emblem – the burning eagle. The obverse depicts the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as year and denomination.

The 2018 releases include a wide range of sizes for both the Gold and Silver coins. You can shop all of these releases now at APMEX!

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