Gold and Silver Foil Notes – When Precious Metal Meets Innovation

NFL Championship coin

We are changing the way people think of a “carry piece”. Usually when one says that, they’re referring to an older coin or round they carry either for sentiment or good luck. These new Gold and Silver foil notes are here to change that. With multiple weights ranging from 1 gram to 5 gram in Silver and 1/10 to 1 gram in Gold, you can choose your favorite design and weight to easily carry with you.

Another great option for these items is to give them as gifts. The thinness and unique designs will be sure to wow anyone who receives them. If you have a Star Trek fan in your family, a 5 gram Silver Captain Kirk note would be perfect to add to their trekkie memorabilia. Or maybe the dog lover in your life would love a 1/10 gram Tibetan Mastiff Gold Note so they can carry around a photo of their dog Buster in their wallet at all times.

Gold and Silver notes are nothing new to a collector. Original bank notes date all the way back to the 7th century during the Tang Dynasty in China. Since then, collectors and historians all around the world have collected them and shared the many stories to go along with the currency. One thing that differs from the paper currency and bank notes from then to these Silver and Gold foil notes – other than what they’re made of – is the process.

When making a Precious Metal foil, the process seems very simple but it could not be more technologically advanced. A single sheet is rolled from ingots down vacuum cast steel rolls that have been re-ground to ensure the flatness of each foil is consistent, as well as the surface finish. After multiple rolls through the machine, the sheet can reach a uniform thinness of 0.018 millimeters. After the desired weight is achieved, each foil is cut to size and pressed to create the final design. A press is used because of how delicate the foil can be. The press helps make sure each detailed design can be seen clearly on every piece.

Check out all of these innovative products today. You can shop our selection of these beautiful Gold and Silver foil notes now on our site!

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