Gold Sovereigns Historic Quality and Accuracy Continues with 2019 Release

2019 Gold British Sovereign Coins

One of the most iconic and classic coin designs has returned for the new year. British heritage continues with 2019 Gold Sovereigns, available now at APMEX!

The very first Gold Sovereign was struck under Henry VII in 1849 but the coin as it is known today, featuring the design of St. George slaying the dragon, was introduced in 1817. Despite some design changes, Pistrucci’s design has appeared on Gold Sovereigns since Queen Victoria’s reign and has been featured on every bullion Sovereign of the 20th century, except for five special occasions.

This 2019 Gold Sovereign continues The Royal Mint’s long-standing bullion series. This coin is truly an ideal marriage of one of the most timeless designs ever seen and the world’s second-oldest continuously running mint. With more than 1,100 years of history, The Royal Mint has proven over and over again they have an exceptional eye for detail and coin production.

In addition to the St. George design, this Gold Sovereign also displays the Jody Clark effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Multiples of 25 coins come in a secure plastic tube.

The British Gold Sovereign is considered by many as the flagship coin of The Royal Mint. Pick up this latest release to add to any collection or investment portfolio today at APMEX.

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