Honor Two Great Nations with One Exquisite Set

2019 Pride of Two Nations Sets at APMEX

To celebrate the close relationship between the United States and Canada, historically one of the most stable and mutually beneficial international relationships, the mints from these two great countries came together for a very special set that also captures the rich history and pride of each country.

This first-ever collaboration between two of the world's most popular mints resulted in the 2019 Pride of Two Nations Limited Edition Two-Coin Set, showcasing each country's most iconic Silver coin – the Silver Eagle and the Silver Maple Leaf. With only 100,000 released by the U.S. Mint and just 10,000 released by the Royal Canadian Mint, these are sure to sell quickly around the world.

The special Silver Eagle included in this set comes in an enhanced reverse proof finish for the first time ever. Different from a normal reverse proof finish, this coin features a frosted background but the different design elements have different polished and frosted finishes.

Just 110,000 total sets are being released by both mints, giving this Silver Eagle one of the lowest mintages of the entire series, lower than that of the extremely popular 2011-S Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Edition.

Similarly, the Silver Maple Leaf comes in a modified proof finish. On a normal proof coin, the image and inscriptions appear frosted against a beautifully mirrored background. However, with this first-ever modified proof Silver Maple Leaf, the inscriptions also feature a brilliant shine.

While the obverse and reverse both feature the now-common radial lines, you will also see a series of small maple leaves and small stars surrounding the edge of each side, representing the partnership of Canada and the U.S. on these sets.

With such a low number of total sets being produced, an even smaller number will be graded by PCGS, with both First Day of Issue and First Strike options available. Each of these PCGS coins, however, will feature the crossed flags of both the United States and Canada, highlighting the spirit of the collaborative set.

These sets are completely sold out at both mints, so pick yours up at APMEX while you can!

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