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How to Get Started in Silver Stacking

If you have been itching to begin Silver stacking in earnest, but your inexperience makes you hesitant, allow us to help and guide you on your journey. Silver stacking can be both fun and profitable, providing you are prepared with some basic knowledge and make wise early acquisitions. Let’s look at possible purchases for a new Silver stacker and go over a few simple Do’s and Dont's that will help you build confidence as you enter the world of Silver stacking.

Items to Consider to Begin Silver Stacking

“Junk” Silver is many Silver stackers’ very first purchase for their stack. “Junk Silver” refers to U.S. coins struck before 1964 that boast a 90% Silver content. Junk coins have no collectible value above their bullion price. While “junk” is generally not something we want to buy, here it is merely an insider term. Not only do these coins often retain some of their original beauty, but they are part of our history and can be very satisfying to acquire. Most importantly, junk coins represent an affordable introduction to Silver stacking. This is one area where a modest expenditure allows a Silver enthusiast to become a Silver investor.

Conversely, some new Silver stackers prefer to begin with bullion coins. Bullion refers to Precious Metals in any bulk form — bars, rounds or coins— valued by weight. These items represent a way to build your Silver stack while paying a low premium-over-spot price. APMEX is particularly proud of our offerings in a new class of bullion products: Stackable rounds, such as the APMEXclusive® APMEX Stackables™ or the Scottsdale Mint Silver Stacker® Silver Rounds. These items feature specific design innovations that allow them to stack perfectly and securely, interlocking like kinged checkers. Specifically-designed stacking products are not limited to coins and rounds. There are also beautiful bars featuring a raised obverse and inset reverse, so the bars stack perfectly on top of one another.

Do’s and Don’ts of Silver Stacking for Beginners


  • Know your budget and stick to it.
  • Purchase consistently to keep your hoard growing.
  • Stick to recognized items from reputable dealers.


  • Sink all of your savings into Silver. Keep an emergency fund and diversify investments with Gold, real estate and your regular 401(k) and IRA contributions.
  • Get Silver fever, leading you to purchase too much, too quickly and without proper planning.
  • Buy from online auctions or unknown dealers. They can prey on the inexperienced.

Consider this simple advice and peruse APMEX’s huge inventory. Silver stacking is an exciting and rewarding way to begin Silver investing.

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