Hydra the Mythical Sea Serpent Comes to Life

8 Ounce Silver Hydra Statue

Sculptor Cosmin Morar, often noted as a master of his craft, has outdone himself with his depiction of the three-dimensional Hydra, a venomous multi-headed sea serpent. The impeccable attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship of this 8 oz Silver Statue brings to life the minutest details of the design.

Each of these Silver Statues stands 3 inches tall with a base diameter of just over 2 inches. With such large dimensions, the exquisite details of the Hydra truly stand out. Not only are the scales of the beast painstakingly defined, but the sharp teeth and wild tongue seem to come to life. The statue features an antique finish, providing a unique look to the expert craftsmanship.

Previous releases from Morar have included the Woolly Mammoth, Stegosaurus and Triceratops among many other sculptures in his collection. Although these three sculptures offer lifelike renditions of their subject matter, the serpentine scales of the Hydra are far superior in details to some of the other works.

If you are searching for something unique in the art world, these Silver Statues by Morar are a great way to enjoy beauty while investing in Precious Metals, adding a sense of security while also adding a long-term strategy to your investment portfolio.

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