Icons of Route 66 Series Nears the Halfway Point in Texas

Icons of Route 66 Series Texas Shield Round

With the fifth release of the APMEXclusive® Icons of Route 66 Series, viewers are taken to Texas and an iconic landmark that stands just 38 miles from the exact midway point of Route 66.

In 1974, members of the art group Ant Farm constructed a sculpture just off Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas, celebrating the evolution of the Cadillac (specifically the birth and death of the truly iconic Cadillac tailfin) from 1949 to 1963. Each Cadillac shell was half-buried, nose-first, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

While the 10 Cadillacs rest on private land, accessing the public art installation is highly encouraged, as is writing graffiti or otherwise spray painting the vehicles. It has become somewhat of a tourist Mecca – in fact, in 2018 roughly 1.4 million people visited Cadillac Ranch.

There could be no better choice of Route 66 landmark to represent Texas than Cadillac Ranch. This fifth release depicts the iconic line of Cadillacs stretching into the distance beyond the highway. As is customary for each release in the Icons of Route 66 Series, the other side of the round displays the Route 66 road sign along with the Silver weight and purity.

If you have not yet explored the exclusive Icons of Route 66 Series, which is produced in limited mintages for each release, what better time than today. Shop the new Texas Silver round or travel back down Route 66 to see what Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois have to offer.

With the series showcasing the entire Route 66 path, be sure to check back for the final three releases. Based on the earlier issues, we know you won't want to miss these icons.

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