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2018 Somalian 15th Anniversary Jubilee coins

The year 2018 comes as the 15th anniversary of the Somalian Gold and Silver Elephants. To celebrate, the Bavarian State Mint has released the 2018 Somalian 15th Anniversary Jubilee coins in both 1 oz Silver and 1 oz Gold sizes. These APMEXclusive® coins have limited mintages of 15,000 for Silver and only 150 for Gold.

The Bavarian Mint has been producing coins for more than 850 years and is one of several mints permitted to produce euro coinage. It is one of five German state mints, along with Berlin, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Hamburg. Currently, roughly 21 percent of all German euro coins in circulation are produced at the Bavarian State Mint in Munich and are identifiable by the “D” mintmark. The Bavarian Mint produces the Elephant series on behalf of the country of Somalia.

The Somalian Elephant design changes each year. However, these special issues are unique, featuring both the 2004 and 2018 designs, available in Gold, Silver and Platinum coins. The anniversary design features the elephant from the 2004 coin standing in the background and the elephant from the 2018 coin reaching its trunk toward the first elephant. Above the elephants' heads are the dates 2004 and 2018 with the number 15 in between.

These 15th Anniversary Somalian Elephant coins are the perfect addition for anyone’s 2018 Precious Metals purchases. You can pre-order the Silver, Platinum and Goldcoin, both certified and uncertified, now at APMEX!

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