Monnaie de Paris Brings You Gold and Silver Treasures

Monnaie de Paris Gold and Silver

New releases from Monnaie de Paris continue to honor the abundant history and tradition of Paris and highlights what makes millions of people from around the world visit the “City of Art.” These 2019 commemorative coins come in a variety of designs and are available now at APMEX.

As the longest-standing institution and the oldest enterprise in the world, the Monnaie de Paris is an agency of the French government responsible for issuing coins as well as producing medals and similar items. These Gold and Silver coins and commemorative issues are denominated in euros, but loved by collectors worldwide.

Commemorating 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Monnaie de Paris has issued a limited mintage 1/4 oz Gold Proof Coin depicting the Brandenburg Gate, which was previously on the east side of the wall and is one of the strongest symbols of Berlin & German victory. The center of the coin features a soldier holding a rose going through the wall as an allegory of the fall of the wall. "Berlin" is depicted in a graffiti tag and "30 Jahre Mauerfall" is written below, which translates to "30 years of the fallen wall.”

The Women of France Series continues this year with the new 2019 Proof Silver €10 Women of France - Marie Curie, featuring the Polish physicist and chemist who was naturalized in France. Marie and her husband Pierre won their first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 for their research on radiation. In 1911 she alone won the prize in Chemistry for her work on polonium & radium.

Monnaie de Paris continues to bring the beauty of Paris to your hands with their beautiful releases. Expand your collection with new 2019 treasures from Paris, available now at

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