More Than 30 Years of Pandas Available at APMEX

Chinese Gold and SIlver Pandas at APMEX

For more than 30 years, Chinese Panda coins have been loved and collected around the world. Everyone is familiar with their popular subject and enjoy seeing the yearly changing designs.

As the nation's largest Precious Metals retailer, it is natural we would carry perhaps the most extensive offering of Gold and Silver Panda coins, with options to suit and investor or collector.

Whether you are looking for a Gold Panda from its inaugural year of release or for the first-ever 30 gram Silver Panda that launched the series change to the metric system, you will be pleased with the Panda selection at APMEX.

Since 1982, Gold Pandas have been produced in sizes from 1 oz down to a small 1/10 oz, with a 1/20 oz size introduced in 1983. After worldwide success of the Gold Pandas, and the popularity of the few Proof Silver Pandas available, the bullion Silver Panda was first released in 1989.

While the Panda Series was originally released in the typical troy ounce sizes, in 2016 the series changed to metric system sizes to better suit the international appeal. These new gram sizes (from 30 grams down to 1 gram) replaced the troy ounce sizes of previous dates in the series.

Add to or start your own Gold Panda or Silver Panda collection by shopping APMEX today. These coins often sell quickly, so be sure to get them while you can.

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