New Isle of Man Coins Debut New Designs, Extremely Limited Mintages

2017 Isle of Man Angel and Nobles Coins

Two of the most popular coin series from the Isle of Man have been released with new looks and very limited numbers available. Both investors and collectors are sure to find these new pieces intriguing.

The Silver Angel coin, first released in Gold in 1984 followed by Silver in 1995, features the timeless depiction of St. Michael slaying a dragon, an image portrayed in one way or another since the fourth century. However, this issue showcases a new, powerful design, available in both Proof and Reverse Proof finishes. The Reverse Proof Silver Angel has an extremely low mintage of just 5,000 coins, while the Proof Silver Angel is only available in an APMEXclusive® two-coin set.

The design on the Noble offers a similar history and this year is the first release of a Silver Noble since 2011. The Reverse Proof Silver Noble also sees a low mintage of 5,000 coins. You can also find an APMEXclusive® two-coin set that include the Proof Silver Noble.

Each set, whether you choose the Angels or the Nobles, comes in a custom wooden presentation box and includes a certificate of authenticity. There are just 500 releases of each set – which means there are just 500 Proof Silver versions of each design.

Lovers of Gold shouldn’t dismay. APMEX also offers both designs in Gold, including a 1/2 gram Gold Angel and of course the 1 oz Gold Angel and 1 oz Gold Noble. Each 1 oz Gold coin has a micro mintage of just 100 coins and they are sure to sell quickly.

See the full collection of Isle of Man Gold and Silver coins available at APMEX and add these brilliant, historic designs to your collection today.

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