Nordic Creatures Add Powerful Imagery to Your Collection

Nordic Creatures Series Silver and Copper Rounds

While APMEX has come to be known for our consistent selection of quality bullion, many customers also enjoy shopping our unique collectible items. The newest additions on our site celebrate some of the most iconic stories of all time: Nordic Creatures.

Norse mythology is perhaps most known for gods such as Odin and Thor. However, this particular body of myths has been the subject of scholarly discourse since the 17th century. Today, APMEX has introduced a series of Silver rounds and Copper rounds featuring various works of art by world-renowned artist and illustrator Howard David Johnson.

The new Nordic Creatures series includes five Silver rounds, each with a mintage of 10,000 rounds, and five Copper rounds, with mintages of 100,000. For true Norse mythology followers, these rounds include some of the most iconic tales, such as the dragon Níðhöggr, while each round also features Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

Even those uninitiated to Norse myths can appreciate the artistry of designs such as the Frost Giant or great Odin’s steed Sleipnir. Containing .999 fine Silver or .999 fine Copper, each release in this five-round series brings Precious Metal value along with its unique beauty and detail.

Shop all five releases in the Nordic Creatures series at APMEX and add some timeless Norse mythological beings to your collection today.

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