Now is the Time to Plan for the Holidays

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Autumn is officially upon us! The summer heat has broken in many parts of the country and holiday decorations are popping up everywhere. Though it feels like the holidays are a long way off as we consider pumpkins and early twilights, we all know how time flies. The winter holidays, with their hustle and bustle, sneak up faster with each passing year. This holiday season, consider getting a jump on your gift purchases with APMEX.

Holiday Themed Silver Rounds

APMEX is thrilled to offer lovely themed coins, rounds and bars this holiday season, as we do every year. There is no better gift to give your loved one than a Precious Metal piece that shows how very precious they are to you. Of course, many of our holiday items are dated, so the gift is also a commemorative item that will become a treasure as time goes by. Consider our themed Precious Metal products for the special people in your life.

Your Thanksgiving host or hostess may appreciate something other than a bouquet requiring a hasty search for an appropriate vase! You might consider slipping one of APMEX’s colorful Happy Thanksgiving one-ounce1 oz Silver colorized rounds into a thank-you note instead. For barely more than the cost of a bottle of Thanksgiving wine, you will have given a gift that will become a family treasure; it will not fade like flowers or be consumed like a bakery cake.

Next in this year’s whirlwind of holiday celebration comes Hanukkah, which falls from December 12-20th this year. Naturally, we stock something perfect for the gift-giving portion of Hanukkah observations, too! This year we have an especially striking, cleanly-designed Happy Hanukkah 1 oz Silver round sure to delight any recipient. These attractive rounds may offer the added bonus of interesting young people in numismatics or Precious Metals investing, and there is no better gift than that.

Where Do I Buy Silver Coins for the Holidays?

Christmas is perhaps the biggest of the winter holidays. APMEX is pleased to have a wide selection of Christmas Precious Metals items to choose from, whether you prefer to gift something observant of the sacred Christian meaning of Christmas or want to celebrate the secular magic of snowflakes, candy canes and Santa Claus. From a beautiful 1 oz bar proclaiming “For Unto Us a Child Is Born” to a cute round featuring a stack of woodland creatures reminding us “Tis the Season,” there truly is something for everyone, both to give or to receive.

The winter holidays too often become a flurry of activity, with everyone wanting to celebrate in just a few short weeks. Imagine lifting the stresses brought on by shopping on foot, through crowded brick-and-mortar stores, only to give a gift that is essentially temporary. Chocolates get eaten, gloves lost and potted orchids never last long. However, you could simply peruse our extensive collection of gorgeous Precious Metals items, from Silver Holiday Themed pieces to numismatic coins to jewelry, and know you are not only avoiding the stress of last-minute shopping but also giving gifts that may start a new hobby, may become a family heirloom, may in the future offer a financial boon. The possibilities are endless when you gift a timeless and valuable treasure like Silver coins, bars and rounds from APMEX.

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