Product Highlight: 2017 1 oz Silver 1 Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang

Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang

We at APMEX are excited to share the second offering in the South Korean Chiwoo Cheonwang Silver series. The 2016 series debut was an immediate success, representing both the very first South Korean Silver bullion series, as well as the new concept of measurement value of a “CLAY,” and this 2017 follow-up piece has been eagerly awaited.

Chiwoo Cheonwang is not a name most Americans recognize, but in he is an important historical and legendary figure in both Chinese and Korean culture. To put in terms which we in the Occidental world are more familiar, Chiwoo (or Chiyou) is akin to the Frankish king, Charlemagne. Chiwoo certainly existed and was an extremely influential historical figure, but many of his actions have segued into almost mythological scope.

Factually, Chiwoo was a tribal leader of the Nine Li tribe in ancient China. He is best known for his leadership in battles against the man who would become the Yellow Emperor during the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors period in Chinese mythology. Chiwoo is recognized as one of the three legendary founding fathers of China.

Worshipped also as the God of War, Chiwoo had many exploits that can only be mythological. It is said during the epic battles he fought against the Yellow Emperor's forces, he breathed out a thick fog to obscure the sunlight and conjured storms, and the list goes on.

The obverse of the beautiful 2017 South Korean 1 oz Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang medal features a depiction of Chiwoo approaching on a horse, wearing full military dress and holding a spear and shield. It is a powerful and dynamic design emblematic of Chiwoo’s cultural role as a symbol of victory. The reverse bears a finely detailed shield of Chiwoo Cheonwang above a latent security feature and KOMSCO logo, surrounded by the date, fineness, denomination and “Republic of Korea.”

The 2017 South Korean 1 oz Silver 1 Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang provides an opportunity to get in on the proverbial ground floor of a thrilling new Silver series. The fact that this is the very first Silver bullion series out of South Korea combined with the desirable feature of yearly changing artwork is sure to make the South Korea 1 oz Silver 1 Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang a sought-after medal for years to come.

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