Protecting Your Precious Metals at Home

Precious Metals Storage and Supplies 

A Precious Metals collection represents a major investment of time and thought, not to mention money. The basics of handling your Gold or Silver items are tips you have probably heard before: wash your hands, handle items by the edges rather than the face and hold products over a clean, soft surface in case you drop the item.

However, as a Precious Metal collection grows, storage of your coins, bars and rounds may require more thought and attention to keep everything protected in pristine condition. APMEX has a wide selection of accessories for the care and management of your Precious Metal collection, from storage solutions to security aids.

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to protect your Precious Metal item is not to touch them. While being stored properly can prevent unnecessary handling, in the event that you must touch your Gold or Silver, a pair of cotton gloves can prevent the oils from your hands from damaging the finish on your items. Taking this elementary precaution can help maintain your items indefinitely.

Of course, gloves are only a precaution. Proper storage is the key to preserving the integrity of your items. Some products from APMEX arrive in protective cases, but for those that do not, we offer a variety of storage choices.

APMEX carries everything from simple plastic coin flips to Intercept Technology ® Storage Boxes, which use Intercept Technology® material to neutralize harmful atmospheric gases inside each storage box, creating a non-corrosive micro-climate that prevents the coins from tarnishing. Whether you need a few extra Snap Tite Coin Holders or Official Mint Monster Boxes, APMEX can meet your storage needs.

One last important consideration is security accessories needed to help in the storage and maintenance of your Precious Metals items. No matter if your collecting preferences lean toward numismatic coins, bullion coins, bars or rounds, you may require certain tools to aid you in confirming the authenticity of a given piece. While APMEX has an impeccable security protocol in place, it is only natural that you may wish to see the intricate security details for yourself. You might require a loupe to see the tiny privy marks.

Keeping your Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium items in pristine condition is the best way to maintain their value and beauty for a lifetime.

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