Scottsdale Mint Brings Ancient Egypt to Life

Queen Nefertiti Egyptian Relics Series

Known for their unique designs and exceptional minting techniques, Scottsdale Mint has surpassed even themselves with their Egyptian Relic Series, which continues in 2017. The rough finish coins and rimless, incuse (sunken relief) designs add rarely seen depth and dimension, giving the appearance of an ancient coin in use for thousands of years.

The heftiness of these coins gives you a feeling you are actually holding a coin that could have been in use in ancient Egypt. The 2 oz coins have a thickness of 4.75 mm while the 5 oz coins have an impressive thickness of 11.8 mm. Each .999 fine Silver coin features a chiseled granite-looking edge, giving it the appearance that it came right out of a granite wall.

Each Egyptian Relic coin, issued by The Republic of Chad, is highly sought after in the marketplace. The newest 2017 release in this highly collectible series is the 5 oz Queen Nefertiti. The exceptional coin follows the well-known King Tut and Egyptian god Horus.

The Egyptian Relic Series will feature a multitude of various designs in the future depicting historical figures of long ago. This is a great opportunity to get started collecting this highly desired series while still in its infancy.

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