Shiny New Coins for a Shiny New Year

2017 Coin Releases

If you have been considering Precious Metals investing but just didn’t know how to begin, make a resolution to let 2017 be your year. It is easy to start a Precious Metals investment portfolio, and even easier to begin a hobby collection. APMEX is happy to guide you in whatever path you choose to Precious Metals investing or collecting.

Whether you are brand new to Precious Metals or an experienced investor, an excellent yearly addition to anyone’s collection is one of the respected icons of Precious Metals investment. Select a new 2017 Silver American Eagle, a 2017 Silver Britannia or 2017 Gold Maple Leaf that may add solid value to your collection. Each of these coins offers gorgeous iconic designs, the potential for easy liquidity due to their excellent reputation and recognizability, and the backing of their respective governments. A 2017 American Eagle, Britannia or Maple Leaf is sure to be a worthy beginning to any Precious Metals collection as well as a satisfying addition to an established one.

Another exciting way to commemorate your introduction into Precious Metals investing or to mark the passing years as your investments grow is to add a Lunar Series coin to your collection. Whether you prefer Gold Lunar Coins or Silver Lunar Coins, APMEX has the perfect way to mark the new year. 2017 marks the Year of the Rooster on the Chinese Zodiac, and The Perth Mint’s 2017 Australian 1 oz Gold Lunar Rooster does not disappoint! The obverse of this coin bears a traditionally styled effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley while the reverse features the Lunar Rooster. The stylized Chinese scene is particularly finely detailed this year, as a proud rooster provides the opportunity to show the delicate texture and graceful sway of lush feathers. This beautiful design is accompanied by the Chinese character for “rooster” and the inscription "Year of the Rooster.” Of course, it also bears The Perth Mint's traditional "P" mintmark.

There are many captivating new coins debuting in 2017. Every collector or investor has to select the right piece for their needs. However, especially someone new to Precious Metals can’t go wrong with one of these beautiful, respected and dependable items. Browse APMEX’s wide array of offerings and select your new 2017 coin today. Have a Shiny New Year!

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