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Shop 2017 Cyber Monday Now at APMEX

If you thought we were done after our 24 hours of deals on Black Friday, then you are in for a treat! To keep with tradition, APMEX is bringing back any quantity pricing on all items for one day only! If you’ve been waiting for a sale on some of your favorite items to splurge on throughout the year, today is the day. From new releases to ancient coins, you can say goodbye to tiered pricing.

Some deals today include 2018 Gold and Silver Eagles, Queen’s Beasts and many more items. Mints around the world release new items near the end of the year. If there is a new release you’ve been waiting for, now is your chance to add it to your stack!

Cyber Monday marketing began in 2005, originally persuading customers to shop online for the holiday season. In the 11 years since, Cyber Monday has become one of the highest-grossing holiday shopping days, bringing in more than $3.4 billion on a single day worldwide. With a growing ecommerce retail space online, Cyber Monday has all the benefits of Black Friday shopping without the hassle of facing a crowd.

With this shopping holiday taking the world by storm, we at APMEX wanted to offer our customers incredible pricing to help kick off their Christmas and holiday shopping. You can find your favorite products all have any quantity pricing for Cyber Monday, so start shopping now!

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