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2018 Gold and Silver krugerrand

In 1967, the South African Mint introduced the first Gold Krugerrand and celebrated the coin's 50th anniversary in 2017 with the Silver Krugerrand in both Premium BU and Proof finishes. 

Today, APMEX is excited to introduce the first-ever South Africa 1 oz Krugerrand Brilliant Uncirculated Silver coin as  part of its wide selection of 2018 Gold and Silver Krugerrands. The Silver 1 oz BU features the distinctive Krugerrand design, making it an irresistible addition to any collection.

In 1886, the Witwatersrand Gold Rush led to the discovery of Gold in the South African Republic. South African President Paul Kruger established a national mint that opened July 6, 1892, which later closed due to the British pound sterling being deemed legal tender in South Africa. It wasn’t until nearly 50 years later, on June 30, 1941, that the mint officially reopened as the South African Mint and later introduced their most well-known coin in 1967. The Krugerrand name is a compound tribute to the history of South Africa; “Kruger” honoring former four-term South African President Paul Kruger while “rand” is the country’s unit of currency.

The obverse of the Krugerrand Silver coin matches the Gold Krugerrand, featuring Paul Kruger on the obverse. On the reverse, these coins feature South Africa’s national animal, the springbok antelope. These 2018 South African coins feature the same springbok that was designed by Coert Steynberg and previously used on the South African five shilling.

You can shop these new releases, as well as the rest of the series, now on our site!

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