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2018 1 Ounce Silver Kookaburra Dog Privy

In 2012, The Perth Mint began issuing Kookaburra coins with a Lunar Privy Mark, combining two of their popular series. This tradition continues in 2018 with the privy mark of a Labrador retriever. Privy marks are small distinguishing marks applied to more widely traded bullion coins to make a unique coin often in high demand. The privy mark on these coins changes each year, ensuring they are easily traded no matter what the year is.

This 2018 coin features a Lunar Year of the Dog privy mark just above the highly detailed depiction of a kookaburra in flight. The limited mintage of just 50,000 coins this makes the 2018 Kookaburra Dog Privy coin extremely collectible as a Silver bullion coin. Prior year Privy Kookaburras, such as the Goat Privy, Horse Privy, Snake Privy and Dragon Privy, have all remained in high demand as collectors and investors take advantage of the benefits of this exciting, ever-changing series.

Don’t hesitate to get started investing in this series as the premium appreciation continues to increase in value with each successive year. Any investment portfolio will be greatly enhanced by adding the 2018 Dog Privy Mark of a Labrador retriever coin and several other years of these Privy Marked coins to your holdings.

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