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Chinese Silver Pandas

Each year, customers around the world await the Chinese Panda coins, loved for their unique designs of one of the most popular animals. The 2018 Gold and Silver Pandas launched in October, but APMEX is now introducing all sizes certified as MS-69 or MS-70 by PCGS, one of the top coin grading services.

As a special addition to these new releases, PCGS created an APMEXclusive® label specifically for this series. The design pays homage to China with a yin yang symbol, which represents how seemingly opposite forces may actually be complementary. The panda, with its black and white fur, is often associated with this symbol. The red foil of the exclusive label is also a nod to China, which symbolized good luck and fortunes.

The 2018 Silver Panda contains 30 grams of .999 fine Silver. As in years past, the 2018 Gold Panda is offered in a variety of sizes, from 1 gram up to 30 grams, all containing .999 fine Gold. APMEX offers not only the single coins and PCGS-certified options, but MintDirect® Premier Singles and even 450-coin sealed boxes.

Shop the entire 2018 Chinese Panda series at APMEX to start or continue any Gold or Silver collection.

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