Silver Gifts for Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day provides us all with the perfect opportunity to remind the people dearest to our hearts that we love them. In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget to show our love for those closest to us. Valentine’s Day is a beautiful tradition because each year we are reminded how important it is to set aside a special day or moment to share our love and make sure our partners, children, family and best friends know how very loved they are.

You may be planning to pick up roses or chocolates for your spouse, or a stuffed animal for your child, but what if you could give your dear ones a gift that would never wither away or be eaten up? What if you could give a gift that would never be relegated to the bottom of a toy box only to end up in a charity shop someday? You can! Since you are already visiting APMEX, you must know the value of collecting or investing in Precious Metals, but did you know you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with Precious Metal gifts that will not only delight your love one, but could continue to grow in value over time? Give a Silver round from APMEX for Valentine’s Day and your gift will be treasured forever rather than ending up long forgotten.

We’d like to highlight some of the most adorable Silver rounds from our excellent selection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you pick the perfect round for each of your loved ones.

Gifts For Your Spouse

From our beautiful selection of eight APMEXclusive® colorized Silver rounds to show your love in a romantic, playful way, you might consider the 1 oz Silver Colorized Love Round, which features a simple, elegant design. Perhaps the 1 oz Silver Colorized Heart Collage Round with its fascinating artwork is more your style. If you prefer to give something that features more traditionally romantic imagery, we have the 2018 Canada 1/4 oz Silver $3 Celebration of Love coin showcasing roses and a sweet “key to your heart” design. We do know that whatever your spouse likes, there is sure to be a Silver round that will delight them far more than flowers and will certainly become an heirloom piece as time goes by.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Child

Valentine’s Day is especially exciting for children who have not yet discovered romantic love and see the holiday as an effusion of general appreciation of everyone and everything they care about. Little children are thrilled to give a Valentine to everyone and when you remember to include them in this fun holiday, they are always delighted. Now imagine giving them something that will not be forgotten but will instead become a treasure and may even increase in value over their lifetime. We suggest the charming and playful 1 oz Silver Colorized Colorful Love Round featuring a bright, graphic L-O-V-E. Like all of our APMEXclusive® colorized Silver rounds, this piece comes packaged in a clear protective capsule and a red velvet gift pouch. If you want to capture the cuteness factor in a gift for the little one in your life, you may consider the Austrian Silver Teddy Bear Round (Red Heart w/Diamonds), which features a teddy bear so sweet and huggable looking you could practically scoop him off the round for a squeeze!

Valentine's Day For Anyone

Perhaps you are blessed with a best friend who is like family or a colleague who has become a true friend. Maybe you are lucky enough to have loving parents and you want to remember them on Valentine’s Day, too. We are pleased to provide for any Valentine’s Day gift giving needs you may have. Within our truly exceptional selection of Valentine’s Day gifts, we have the perfect item for everyone on your list. Perhaps a mother who loves to garden would feel your appreciation if you present her with the 2017 Palau 2 oz Silver Flowers & Leaves (The Pink Rose) featuring a gorgeous pink rose in ultra-high relief, with the charming detail of a life-like water droplets effect. Honor a platonic loving friendship with the 2017 Niue Silver All the Best Coin Key Ring. A Silver coin or round needn’t remain hidden and this is a great way to give love and luck in a way that is both attractive and useful in someone’s everyday life.

These pieces represent a tiny fraction of the beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts you might choose from at APMEX. Whether you want to honor the love of your life or the love you feel for your best buddy, we have a gift idea that will strike the right note to express your feelings on Valentine’s Day, when we all go out of our way to remind those most important to us that they are indeed the most important. Select a Silver round from APMEX to give a delightful Valentine’s Day gift that will last a lifetime.

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