Spotlight on APMEXclusive® 2017 British Virgin Islands 2-Coin Silver Pegasus Proof/Reverse Proof Set

2017 2-Coin Pegasus Proof/Reverse Proof Set

This exciting new APMEXclusive® set out of the British Virgin Islands features a design based on the Greek mythological story of Pegasus, the divine winged stallion.

The name Pegasus means “he who sprang,” which tells us how Pegasus came into the world. In Greek mythology, there were three dreadful monsters of the underworld, called gorgons. One was Medusa, with the famed snake-hair and a face that could turn anyone who looked upon her into stone. The other gorgons were immortal, but Medusa was not. Perseus, son of the mortal Danaë and the god Zeus, was sent to kill her. Greek Mythology tells us that Pegasus sprang from the neck of Medusa when she was beheaded by Perseus.

The striking new 2017 British Virgin Islands 2-Coin Silver Pegasus Proof/Reverse Proof set features artwork befitting Pegasus’s beginnings in mythology. On the reverse of the coin, the divine winged stallion rears up as if to take to flight even as Athena holds his halter. The set includes a 1 oz Silver Proof coin and a 1 oz Silver Reverse Proof coin. Seeing beautiful Pegasus against both the mirror finish of a Proof and the frosty background of a Reverse Proof allows you to see the delicacy of the design. Pegasus’s nimble hooves, feathers emerging on his flanks and powerful wings are all wrought in detail for the discerning collector to enjoy. The obverse of each Silver Pegasus coin bears a likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Only 300 of the APMEXclusive® 1 oz Silver Proof Pegasus coins were produced for worldwide distribution and they are available only with this set. The presentation offered with this set is also exceptional, with each encapsulated coin nestled on rich blue velvet in a polished wooden box.

The 2017 2-Coin Silver Pegasus Proof/Reverse Proof Set is sure to capture the imagination of everyone who sees it. Consider adding this exceptional Pegasus to your collection today.

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