Star Trek Enneagram – What’s Your Personality?

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The Star Trek Enneagram is a model of human personality that divides into four different personality spectrums: The Idealist, the Artisan, the Guardian, and the Rational using Star Trek characters.  All personalities are interconnected in some way, just like all humans. In honor of Star Trek 50th anniversary, we took the time to analyze some popular characters and their personality types.


Enneagram - The Idealist

James Kirk, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, falls under the Idealist spectrum as a champion. Champions are great problem-solvers and creative. They care deeply about others, and are very outgoing and curious by nature. They respond best to those who encourage them and their viewpoints. Idealist’s goal in life is to be with a variety of people and have spontaneous adventures.


Enneagram - The Artisan

In the Artisan spectrum, Star Trek Voyager’s  Captain Kathryn Janeway is a performer. Performers are social and unpredictable. They have a passion for life and are aware of the world around them. They respond well to common sense and those they interact with. Like Captain Janeway, Artisans are curious and talkative, but also gentle and caring. Their main goal is to be spontaneous and have fun with the people that matter most to them.


Enneagram - The Guardian

In the Guardian spectrum lies First Officer Spock as an inspector. Like Spock, Guardians are honest, upfront and logical. They get impatient with disorganization and disorganized people. Others find Guardians reliable and count on them in times of need. They enjoy routines and take time to adapt to change. Guardians enjoy being recognized for their hard work, and therefore take pride in their work.


Enneagram - The Rational

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is classified as a mastermind under the Rational spectrum. Intellectuals generally fall under the mastermind classification, as they are driven to learn. They are socially cautious and respond well to those who give them space. Rational’s are highly organized, and make definitive decisions and stick to them. Their primary goal is to take on new challenges and become a powerful person.

From Deep Space Nine to The Next Generation, Star Trek has characters of all kinds. For the 50th anniversary, we celebrate all captains, first officers and chief science officers that made these journeys famous. You can find these characters and more in the Perth Mint Star Trek coin collection today!

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