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2016 star trek u.s.s. enterprise 1 ounce Silver bullion coin

To celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary this year, we asked a few Star Trek fans around the office what some of their favorite Star Trek moments were and for their thoughts on the new  Star Trek coin (1 oz Silver Star Trek Original U.S.S. Enterprise). With 50 years of Star Trek television shows and movies, it was difficult for them to choose just one favorite moment. Here are some of their answers:

Star Trek Prime Directive - Richard, Graphic Designer

“I always found the idea of The Prime Directive very interesting. If they met a civilization less advanced than they were, they could only observe. It was a very scientific way of exploring the universe. This principle is consistent in all of the Star Trek movies and has been the focus of many episodes throughout the series.”

“I really love the dynamic design [of the Silver Star Trek Original U.S.S. Enterprise coin] showing the U.S.S. Enterprise flying right at you at warp speed. I think it’s great to show the original design of the iconic ship for the 50th anniversary. It’s a very bold design that represents the series very well.”

U.S.S. Enterprise Starship - Stephen, Senior Business Analyst

“My favorite moment was when Spock mind-melded with the creature called a Horta. “Pain! Pain!” Turns out it was all just a misunderstanding. Fans will know what I’m talking about!”

“My favorite part of the coin is the appearance of the Enterprise traveling at warp speeds. If I close my eyes, I can almost hear the ship whooshing past me while the opening credits start.”

Spock's Vulcan Logic - Biljana, Project Manager

“I always loved all the Dr. Spock character-building scenes. His lines were some of the first really well-written examples of dry sarcasm that I distinctly remember. I especially loved one particular episode in the Original Series where we get to see Spock’s emotional side after the crew contracts some kind of virus that makes them lose their inhibitions. Leonard Nimoy is very convincing when he struggles with showing emotion because it’s so shameful in Spock’s Vulcan culture.”

“I think the Starfleet emblem and the overall detail of the coin is what makes it stand out – I love it.”

U.S.S. Enterprise’s Captain Kirk - Jeremiah, Merchandising Specialist

“I will never forget the episode when Captain Kirk fights the Gorn. That fight was always eerie to me as a child. The Gorn never talks, it never blinks its pupil-less eyes and it hisses at Kirk constantly. Even when Kirk kills the Gorn, its eyes stay open, giving no sign if it is truly dead or alive.”

“The classic design of the Enterprise flying through space brings back memories of staying up late watching Star Trek reruns on Friday nights with my brother. It set in motion a love of science fiction and the ability to use logic and human emotion to resolve issues.”

There have been so many great moments from Star Trek over the last 50 years, with countless more to come. Star Trek Beyond, which opened in theaters July 2016, and the new Star Trek CBS series premiering early 2017 are just the beginning of the next-next generation. You can shop the 1 oz Silver Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise coin and many other Perth Mint Star Trek coins on our website now!

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